Student Union Ambassador Information

Student Union Ambassadors (SUAs) are student leaders who volunteer to be the connection between their academic program and the Student Union. They are responsible for staying up-to-date on SU activities on campus, collecting relevant information from their programs, and communicating that information between their classmates and the Student Union

What is a Student Union Ambassador (SUA)?
SUAs are student volunteers designated to:

  • Be unofficial representatives of their classmates in their program of study;
  • stay up-to-date on SU services, events, activities, etc.
  • communicate relevant information between their classmates and the SU

Responsibilities of a SUA

  • Maintain communication between their classmates and their campus SU Executive-Vice President
  • Attend once-per-month SU Ambassador meetings
  • Dedicate a minimum one hour a week commitment to speak with students, and drop by the SU office to report work
  • Stay up-to-date on SU events, awareness campaigns, available services, etc.; info to be distributed via monthly calendar-mails.
  • Participate in SU Awareness Campaigns throughout the semester
  • Ensure that their classmates are properly represented in their feedback
  • Ensure that their classmates are completely informed of SU happenings
  • Act as a primary contact for their classmates’ SU-related comments and concerns
  • If possible, Forward specified email communications to classmates via SLATE
  • If possible, coordinate class time with teachers for SU announcements and collecting student feedback

Benefits of being a SUA

  • Voice the opinions, concerns, and feedback of their classmates directly to the SU Executive Vice-President
  • Active involvement in the Sheridan community
  • Meet new people from all across Sheridan
  • Receive first-hand information regarding SU events, activities, and services
  • Development of public speaking skills
  • Invitation to Sheridan’s end-of-the-year leadership recognition banquet
  • Receive a certificate recognizing from the SU upon the completion of your term

If you are interested in becoming a SU Ambassador or in finding more about this opportunity, please contact your Executive team at your campus.